About Our Name

We have been in business for over 25 years, originally as Focus Research and now as Q2 Insights. The new name better embodies what we do—“Q2” referring to the qualitative and quantitative research we offer; “Insights” pointing to the underlying truths of what our research and innovation work reveals.

Our work

The industries below are those in which we’ve developed a specialization. They represent only a handful of fields we have served over the last 25 years:

Restaurant Industry: restaurant service and food products, fine dining, fast casual, smart casual, quick-service restaurants and coffee houses


Healthcare: general practitioners, specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, patients, hospitals, managed care organizations and pharmaceutical


Financial: banks (especially regional) and credit card companies


Insurance: various agencies and workers comp


Other Categories: oil & gas, utilities, public health and advertising agencies


Our philosophy

There are plenty of research firms out there. But very few, we suspect, that take our disciplined and skilled approach. Here’s a peek into how we tick:

Innovation. We consider new thinking to be the foundation of any business intending to grow. Failure to be nimble and change in a perpetually evolving business world will be the kiss of death for any brand.


Research. We believe that no business can afford to shoot from the hip when making business decisions. The cost of research is usually a tiny fraction of the cost of implementing potential game-changers such as new ad campaigns or new product launches.


Multi-Talented Team. The Q2 Insights team comprises myriad backgrounds—marketing, advertising, psychology, statistics, economics, communications, engineering and business. Our educational, age and ethnic diversity is intentional to avoid building a team of clones who all think the same way. On each project, the interplay and intellectual debate among consultants leads to the best possible results for our clients.


Enduring Client Relationships. Our longstanding client partnerships come from fully understanding how our research and innovation work fits into our clients’ strategic, tactical, marketing and business planning. The more we “live” our clients’ businesses, the better we serve them.


Job Sizing. For each project, we size the team to fit. From advertising pre-testing in a small market to a 10,000-person phone survey, Q2 Insights has the resources to complete the job, locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.


Continual Training. Team members keep abreast of new techniques in our own field by attending educational programming and conferences in market research and creative problem solving (innovation).


Mum’s the Word. Every employee and professional subcontractor signs a Confidentiality Agreement. Our attitude is that clients own the work we do for them. We don’t apply for American Marketing Association or Ad Club awards because we cannot. Everything we do is confidential.