Real Answers in Real Time

We understand.  Sometimes you need answers, and you need them now.  The good news is, by utilizing crowdsourced research solutions, Q2 Insights can get you those answers.

Reaching out to consumers directly through social media outlets, blogs, smart phones and online videoconferencing (crowdsourcing) has emerged as a very quick, cost efficient and flexible means through which business can gain valuable insights into the marketplace.

These brief, somewhat unstructured surveys or polls can be very helpful in getting a quick read on a particular strategy, idea, concept or product prior to general release and even allow consumers to view drawings, pictures and other media files while participating.  This approach also allows for active “collaboration” with consumers in the development process.

Crowdsourcing is best suited for B2C efforts and allows for targeting of specific demographic groups within the marketplace.  While not a replacement for traditional research methodologies, this approach can come close to providing similar qualitative nad quantitative findings.

It is our belief that crowdsourcing is best used in collaboration with other methodologies, as it cannot always provide the depth of understanding required for a project.  While “quicker, easier and cheaper” does have its advantages, it also carries with it a few drawbacks, most notably in the number of issues that can be addressed in one project, the lack of strict control over the study, and the inexact nature of the findings reached.


This article was written by Kirsty Nunez.  Kirsty Nunez is President and Chief Research Strategist at Q2 Insights. Q2 Insights is a market research consulting firm with offices in San Diego and New Orleans. Kirsty can be reached at (760) 230-2950 and 

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