Brand Strategy and Performance

Brands that don’t continue to evolve and change with the times are destined to fail. That’s the harsh reality we all live in. Q2 Insights has extensive experience with brand strategy development, brand performance measurement, brand repositioning and how best to position a new brand. We employ innovative approaches and pioneering thinking to understand how to get more people to use your brand more frequently. At the end of the day, you’ll discover the vital connections between brand and market that will help secure your brand’s future.

Market Analysis

Smart brands look before they leap into a new market. We can help you do just that, with studies that inform you about population, demographics, the competitive environment and more.
  • Attitude, Opinion and Behavior Studies
  • Usage and Attitude Studies
  • Competitor Studies
  • Positioning Studies
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Tracking
  • Market Size and Potential
  • Segmentation
  • Price Elasticity/Price Modeling

Communications and Advertising Research

Understanding how people make decisions, their underlying rational and emotional motivations and strategies is a distinct area of expertise for Q2 Insights. If you’re developing a new internal or external communications or ad campaign (digital or traditional), we can help generate messaging strategies and creative execution ideas. Already have a concept but not sure it’s on target? We can employ research to evaluate and refine advertising in all media—digital, TV, radio, print, outdoor—in unfinished or finished form. Our work doesn’t necessarily end with the finished ads. We can track the ads to evaluate performance over time.
  • Strategy Development
  • Creative Development
  • Advertising Pre-testing (Copy Testing)
  • Advertising/Brand Tracking

Digital Research

Digital technologies are pushing the envelope of possibility in research, giving us more tools to communicate with your customers and potential customers at any time, in any location. Q2 Insights is at the forefront, bringing our clients a full range of qualitative and quantitative digital research solutions. Additionally, we develop and implement custom digital tools for use in research projects.

Employee Research

Getting inside your employees’ heads can be enlightening and beneficial to everyone in the company—especially when conducted by a neutral third party. Q2 Insights is often called in to perform employee studies on job satisfaction and other employee-related issues.
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Research
  • Salary Studies
  • Change Management
  • Climate Assessment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Reward/Recognition Studies

Innovation and Product Development

This is where our innovation training really comes into play. Using leading-edge techniques, we’ll help you define the challenges, develop a range of ideas, conduct qualitative tests and design quantitative evaluations to determine which idea is likely to bring the most success.

  • New Product and Service Development
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Brand Name Research
  • Packaging Evaluation
  • Pricing
  • Product Profile Assessment

Restaurant Research

Fine dining, polished casual, fast casual, quick-service and coffee houses—along the entire spectrum of dining options, Q2 Insights has helped restaurants discover vital information that informs strategic decisions and fuels success. Our experience even extends to restaurant suppliers, as well as food, beer and water products. We’ve been there, tasted that, and we invite you to benefit from our wide range of knowledge.

  • Attitude, Opinion and Behavior Studies
  • Usage Studies
  • Segmentation
  • Menu/Price Simulator

Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

What makes a customer happy and devoted? Sometimes the answers will surprise you. Through our sophisticated Statistical Modeling process, we develop causal models of satisfaction including trade-off analyses, menu price simulators and price elasticity studies. Our arsenal of research tools includes ethnographic methodology, personal interviews, mystery shopping and researcher participation.

  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Loyalty Research
  • Employee Commitment
  • Customer Experience Monitors

Q Support

Senior researchers from Q2 Insights are available to work in-house at your company or remotely for short-term, long-term, or discrete assignments.  Instead of hiring the entire Q2 Insights team, you can hire just one of us for fractional services. A range of expertise is available from Chief Insights Officer to Research Analyst.

  • Long-term or short-term assignments
  • Management and execution of research projects or special assignments
  • Development and/or management of an in-house research team
  • Data management consulting